My name is Madeline and I love to sing. I've always loved to sing. My journey as a vocalist and vocal coach have revealed lessons that parallel my personal journey in life. My Vocal Journey is where the two intersect. 

To me, singing is like telling a story while riding on air. The freedom of expression that is possible with sound, texture, melody and lyrics is infinite. My connection with this art form began early - at home, in church. . . . .music was just a part of daily life. But the acknowledgement of my love affair with singing has been more recent. It has matured and blossomed as I’ve become intimately familiar with the vocal instrument as a tool for full expression.  It brings me palpable joy and allows me to connect with others by sharing this experience. 

I didn't always feel as free vocally. Vocal abuse and lack of technique took my journey through a sharp curve while living and working in Brazil and Turkey. I developed nodes on my vocal cords and had to return to vocal training with a beginner's mindset. Therein began my fascination with vocal growth.

Personal growth is another passion of mine. Confronting and breaking down barriers - often with a lot more allowing and a lot less efforting - makes me feel alive.  As I explore new terrain, my journey continues.  

What do I do now? I have several projects that keep me pretty busy!  

  • I am a vocal coach and piano teacher in Charlottesville, VA

  • My husband and I have a band named BELEZA - a little funkalicious samba soul to combine the flavors of our backgrounds and musical tastes

  • I lead group workshops to facilitate full creative expression through breath, sound, movement, and singing

Welcome to My Vocal Journey. I hope to meet and learn from many fellow travelers along this adventurous path.