Singing Tips for Beginners Ep.11

There are a couple of things beginner singers can do to instantly improve their tone.  

#1 - Exaggerate things that you may not do with your speaking voice like: 

  • Deepen the inhalation 
  • Open the mouth more
  • Use stronger diction

#2 - Never think UP

  • Direct your attention and energy DOWN and FORWARD

I give some examples in this little video : ) . . . . 

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Vocal Warm ups - Quick and Easy Ep.10

We all know about those times when you are getting ready to perform and life simply hasn't given you the circumstances to do a long, relaxing, luxurious warm up.

So here are 3 quick and easy vocal warm ups for those times. Get that voice opened up with some exercises to trigger your breath work and create space for a strong, rich, resonant tone.

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Tips for Professional Singers Ep.9

This post is dedicated to the professional singer. In this video I share my tips on:  #1 How softer singing may contribute to vocal strain  #2 Strategizing the placement of your more difficult repertoire throughout a gig  #3 What it means to ‘Act Like a Professional’ #4 The importance of a go to warm-up and  #5 Working the technical ‘choreography’ of challenging songs. . . . .

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Singing Tips - How to Make Progress Ep.8

Today’s singing tips are related to mindset.  For myself and my students, I’ve found that the attitude you choose to approach your singing progress is paramount.  First, think of your voice as an instrument. Then, let’s be mad scientists - curious, persistent, observant. We can use all of the feedback we get to make progress. Of course, we can’t forget to do things again and again and again . . .and again . . . that just increases our odds now doesn’t it?

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Singing Lessons - Focus and Aim for Comfort and Control Ep. 4

This singing technique is one that I love for giving the vocalist a sense of control and ease. When you can imagine notes connecting fluidly in a forward direction, it straightens out a lot of potential issues like voice cracking or strain.

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Singing Lessons - Hacking the Bridge Ep.6

In this episode I give a quick tip to deal with that less than comfortable place in the voice when you feel like something is changing and aren’t quite certain what to do. Some call it the bridge. Others the passagio. Some even call it a break because that’s what it feels like to some! 

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Singing Lessons - Ep.5 How to Sing High Notes

In this episode I share some quick tips to demystify the high notes.  We’ll use plenty of non-singing sounds to remind us of how familiar our body already is with making these higher sounds.  Ready to shout out to your favorite artist, imitate an owl or go on a roller coaster?  

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Singing Lessons - Breath Support Ep. 2

Breath support is all the difference between normal speech and 'riding on air'. It fills, strengthens, and enriches your tone.  I wasn't a natural at this.  Some are. I needed to train my body to give stronger breath support while singing, and boy has it made it a difference.

In this video I try to demystify breath support for singing.  The muscular contractions in our core are ones that our bodies know very well. We use them while yawning, sighing . . . and yes - taking a poop.  We just need to connect that support with the creation of sound - rich, full sound.

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Singing Tips - The 3 Basic Elements of Great Singing Ep. 1

This video covers what I explain to students when they first enter the studio.  If you can familiarize yourself and embody these three fundamental elements of singing, you'll feel more comfortable in your voice, body, and particularly on stage.  They provide a great foundation for rich, warm, full tone.

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