ReNew - ReSet - ReCommit

In order to sustain a creative life, I've found it paramount to focus on the ability to:

  • ReNew - Replenishing energy - what fills me physically, emotionally, spiritually - what keeps me full of life and able to have the energy to give in my teaching practice, in performance, and when I work on arranging or songwriting
  • ReSet - Every opportunity I take to practice mindfulness - being in the here and now - is progress. I'm no enlightened monk. I try to remember to do it as many times a day as I'm able.  I fumble often. But I get a chance to 'refresh the page' as many times as I need. When I remind voice students to heighten their body awareness for sensations of vibration, pressure, tension . . . I receive the gentle reminder myself.
  • ReCommit - It's too easy for me to convince myself that I should quit something I've started when the going gets tough - when my persistence and patience are tested, when I have to increase my knowledge and skill level, when I have to face a fear that's 'protecting me'. This holds true for creative projects as well as personal goals. What I now see as part of the process is the need to recommit to or reaffirm the initial value of that new endeavor. 
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