Do You REALLY Celebrate Success?

Do you celebrate achievements or are you the check, let's move on type?

I listened to Jared Robbins describe two types of people as a guest on a podcast recently.  He claimed that the first type were very black and white. They set goals. When they achieve them they think, 'OK - fine.  What's next?' When they don't achieve them, they generate a lot of self blame. The OTHER type of people, he says, celebrate every little measure of progress. . . .

 "What? That's a thing?! You can celebrate all 'achievements' - great and small?" I saw for the first time clearly that I fall squarely within the first camp. . . . . 

This small shift coupled with my gratitude journal has seriously upgraded my level of enjoyment of my own life. . . . And it has been here all along. ;)

Life is good.  Let's celebrate.

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Are You Getting in Your Own Way? Stop it.

Have you ever gotten a tiny glimpse of what is standing between you and your goals or dreams and recognized that it was YOU?  

I have.  It’s awkward, no painful, no embarrassing . . . BUT oh so informative and potentially empowering.

This weekend I got another taste if this fine lesson. . . .  

The biggest culprits of inhibited growth for singers seem to be negative self talk and a fixed mindset.

Game changer.


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