Singing Tips - How to Make Progress Ep.8

Today’s singing tips are related to mindset.  For myself and my students, I’ve found that the attitude you choose to approach your singing progress is paramount.  First, think of your voice as an instrument. Then, let’s be mad scientists - curious, persistent, observant. We can use all of the feedback we get to make progress. Of course, we can’t forget to do things again and again and again . . .and again . . . that just increases our odds now doesn’t it?

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Do You REALLY Celebrate Success?

Do you celebrate achievements or are you the check, let's move on type?

I listened to Jared Robbins describe two types of people as a guest on a podcast recently.  He claimed that the first type were very black and white. They set goals. When they achieve them they think, 'OK - fine.  What's next?' When they don't achieve them, they generate a lot of self blame. The OTHER type of people, he says, celebrate every little measure of progress. . . .

 "What? That's a thing?! You can celebrate all 'achievements' - great and small?" I saw for the first time clearly that I fall squarely within the first camp. . . . . 

This small shift coupled with my gratitude journal has seriously upgraded my level of enjoyment of my own life. . . . And it has been here all along. ;)

Life is good.  Let's celebrate.

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