Singing Lessons - Vocal Resonance for a Rich, Full Tone Ep. 3

A slight adjustment in the amount of space you give for sound to resonate can tremendously affect your singing voice. It can take a 'meh' sound and change it into a rich, round tone. Of course you'll need that breath support underneath! 

In this video I talk about the 2nd element of great singing, creating space for resonance. Lots of practical, follow along and try it yourself nitty gritty. 

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Singing Tips - The 3 Basic Elements of Great Singing Ep. 1

This video covers what I explain to students when they first enter the studio.  If you can familiarize yourself and embody these three fundamental elements of singing, you'll feel more comfortable in your voice, body, and particularly on stage.  They provide a great foundation for rich, warm, full tone.

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