Singing Lessons - Ep.5 How to Sing High Notes

In this episode I share some quick tips to demystify the high notes.  We’ll use plenty of non-singing sounds to remind us of how familiar our body already is with making these higher sounds.  Ready to shout out to your favorite artist, imitate an owl or go on a roller coaster?  

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Singing Lessons - Breath Support Ep. 2

Breath support is all the difference between normal speech and 'riding on air'. It fills, strengthens, and enriches your tone.  I wasn't a natural at this.  Some are. I needed to train my body to give stronger breath support while singing, and boy has it made it a difference.

In this video I try to demystify breath support for singing.  The muscular contractions in our core are ones that our bodies know very well. We use them while yawning, sighing . . . and yes - taking a poop.  We just need to connect that support with the creation of sound - rich, full sound.

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Singing Tips - The 3 Basic Elements of Great Singing Ep. 1

This video covers what I explain to students when they first enter the studio.  If you can familiarize yourself and embody these three fundamental elements of singing, you'll feel more comfortable in your voice, body, and particularly on stage.  They provide a great foundation for rich, warm, full tone.

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FAQs About Singing

I thought it would be a good idea to do a quick and dirty FAQs about singing post.  This one is definitively less philosophical than my other posts, but the people have spoken!  Let's start with four of the most common questions I've seen or been asked recently:

1. Can anyone learn to sing?

2. What's the secret to 'good singing' ?

3. How do you sing high notes?

4. What are head voice, chest voice, and the bridge?

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