Cultivating Awareness for Greater Freedom

Our conscious awareness of what is happening in our body while we breathe unlocks potential for stronger tone quality, greater range, longer phrases, pitch control - essentially, greater freedom for singing.

Our conscious awareness of what is happening in our body when we are feeling anxious or under stress unlocks the potential to meet these sensations with perspective.  It also gives us a chance to use techniques like deep breathing (what a coincidence) to efficiently regain balance and control - essentially, greater mental and emotional freedom.

Quiet calm.  Quiet confidence. Ease. Consistency. 

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Technique Isn't Everything

vocal technique is not everything.  It can turn into something to hide behind.  There is a balance between technical mastery and stylistic expression.  A clear, resonant tone has its place. It’s a strong place.  However, there are textures and tambres in voices that really speak to us as human beings.  We use the voice to express the full array of human emotion . . . and that’s not always ‘pretty’ - thank goodness.

 When exploring the possibilities of your voice, I encourage you to do so with a sense of openness and curiosity.  There is a place for us all to find freedom within a form.

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