Vocal Warm ups - Quick and Easy Ep.10

We all know about those times when you are getting ready to perform and life simply hasn't given you the circumstances to do a long, relaxing, luxurious warm up.

So here are 3 quick and easy vocal warm ups for those times. Get that voice opened up with some exercises to trigger your breath work and create space for a strong, rich, resonant tone.

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Breathing for Singing - Is it Really that Important?

So is breath really that important for singing?

Listen carefully . . .BREATH IS EVERYTHING. 

OK - fine. I have a flair for drama.  Not everything.  JUST 99% of everything.  Still too much?  Fine. Breath is 90% of everything that you should understand about singing.

If you appreciate full, warm, resonant tones and a sense of strength, fluidity, and openness you want to spend time working with breath. . . .

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Singing Lessons - Breath Support Ep. 2

Breath support is all the difference between normal speech and 'riding on air'. It fills, strengthens, and enriches your tone.  I wasn't a natural at this.  Some are. I needed to train my body to give stronger breath support while singing, and boy has it made it a difference.

In this video I try to demystify breath support for singing.  The muscular contractions in our core are ones that our bodies know very well. We use them while yawning, sighing . . . and yes - taking a poop.  We just need to connect that support with the creation of sound - rich, full sound.

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